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Owner/Manager of the Year 2015: State Finalist, for our CEO, Simon Smith

We are very proud to say that our CEO, Simon Smith, for the second year running, has been chosen as an Owner/Manager of the Year 2015 State Finalist (NSW & the ACT) in the annual Australian Institute of Management (AIM) Excellence Awards.

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Excellence in Business Ethics Regional Finalists 2015!

We have news! We are very proud and excited to share with you that for the 3rd consecutive year Southern Cross Coaching & Development is a Regional Finalist for Excellence in Business Ethics in the NSW Business Chamber Excellence Awards in the North East Sydney District (international and ASX Listed companies through to sole traders can enter from the region encompassing North Sydney to the Northern Beaches to Hornsby across to Marsfield). The results will be announced on Friday 26th June at the Awards evening for North Eastern Sydney Districts which is to be held at Luna Park.

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Practical Tips To Deal With Difficult People, Lessen Conflict and Reduce complaints

Wherever you go you’re at some stage going to come across conflict and have to deal with difficult people, whether you’re in a customer facing role or in a team. However, there’s a lot we can all do to calm it, to diminish its impact and reduce complaints.

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About the Southern Cross Coaching & Development Logo

Instead of our usual article we thought you might be interested in a bit of an insight into what makes us tick. We felt that explaining the SCC&D logo, how it came about and what it means might be a good place to start.

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The Importance of Feedback in Engagement, Leadership and Productivity

There is an undeniable body of evidence, both research-based and practical experience that says that frequent respectful, positive and constructively critical feedback leads to increased engagement.

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How To Become ‘Luckier’ In Getting Your Next Job

Tips and tricks for better covering letters, CVs & interviews

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10 Steps to Building Your Ultimate Team Culture

Simple but Effective Tools for your Team Building

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Improve Your Leadership, Team and Workplace Communication: How to Ask Questions Successfully

Article: Improve Your Leadership, Team and Workplace Communication: How to Ask Questions Successfully

The tips we’re sharing today are equally applicable to all levels - executives, managers and staff alike. Primarily aimed at improving teamwork and relationships across the workplace, they are also equally effective in your personal life with family and friends.

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